Scott Whitaker
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Waiting for Rain and Signs of Life

Bartle Frere Downpour

Doggett Street Studio | 16 February - 10 March 2001.

Samsonvale Tanks
Mt Samson Chicken Wire
Night Tank Burst
Millaa Millaa Rain
Millaa Millaa Tank Stand
Bartle Frere Tank Stand
Tank Stands, Millaa Millaa
Bartle Frere Downpour
Samsonvale Tanks
Waiting For Rain I
Waiting For Rain II
Nightwire, Millaa Millaa
Single Tank, Samsonvale
Samsonvale Tank
Waiting For Rain, Samsonvale
Night Rain
Mt Samson Chicken Wire II
Late Afternoon Shower
Millaa Millaa Shed
Night Double Tank Burst
Rain Coming and Burst Pipe
Night Overflow
Night Tanks
Rain Overflow
Waiting For Rain, Samsonvale